Fatality Style

FREAKING MORTAL KOMBAT. I wanted to feel the Mortal Kombat vibes without having to fully cosplay. So I took a shirt and made my own casual cosplay. Chill enough to walk the streets but still giving me my geeky gamer feels. Nothing too complicated. Is this a hit or miss in the casual cosplay world? This... Continue Reading →


Descendats 3 Anyone? (Written Reaction)

SOOOO DISNEY LOVES BEING A C*** TEASE... (y are you yelling) BECAUSE I'M ABSORBED BY THE TROLL THAT IS MY CHILDHOOD!! But apparently, Disney decided to drop a new trailer last week (knowing me this is gonna get posted a week late because I suck at blog posting...hey I'm getting better!) If you haven't watched it, check... Continue Reading →

5 U-Neik Values

I'm gonna be honest, this chic is an OTAKU!! but that weirdness has given me the capabilities of seeing the world in a new light...wtf does that mean, you negative naysayers might be asking. Well, let me explain. Yes, I'm a geek, and I live like a geek every day. Because of my geeky culture... Continue Reading →

Canary’s Class

Anyone here watches Hunter x Hunter? From that show, I would say that there are 4 characters that are my absolute favorite. Gon (Because IM THE SAME) Killua (My BABY...*Holds ears as women scream* calm down you fangirl-perves, he's like 14 years old when the show ends...I think) Hisoka (The One Clown I'm Not Afraid... Continue Reading →

Devil Man Crybaby Review

This show is nuts!!! I mean that in the most honest of ways.   Now, let's be clear that I'm not unaware of anime being extremely vulgar in some situations. But it seems as if Devil man crybaby is like the hell house of all vulgarity. Sex on the brain, obliteration of humans and demons... Continue Reading →

Black Panther Shoot

So I had the honor of creating a youtube video with my old high school classmate and future model to be...   JUSTON!!     This guy is the epitome of a flawless model. He portrayed black panther in a parody fashion film I created and he was the perfect king. Waconda is fully protected tonight... Continue Reading →

Heartless Breakup

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN, THE TIME TO FEEL A LITTLE HEARTLESS... Totally kidding BUTT, I did want to create an outfit inspired by my favorite video game. Also square decided to drop their trailer earlier this week. (Ranting about it on my youtube channel here) Either way, I hope you guys like the... Continue Reading →

Casual Cosplay…Is That A Thing?

Hey, so yeah, first post of the blog....at least I hope. I'm  still trying to schedule these things right. Anyways, hi there, my name's Savvi and I love cosplay. BUT HELLOW, I'm too broke for it. Cosplaying is expensive, have you seen these cosplayers out here?   Yea, no this is intimidating!!!! Yet, I still... Continue Reading →

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